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Willie Nelson and Pauline Reese Duet "Trail Of Tears" Will Release On Her New Album "

It's official! Willie Nelson and Pauline Reese recorded a duet and it will be released on Pauline's latest album "Lucky Number 7". The album includes 12 original songs written by Pauline Reese, including the bonus track duet with Willie Nelson. The duet was created for a future Willie Nelson project, but Willie gave approval for Pauline to release the song on "Lucky Number 7". The bonus song called "Trail Of Tears" is a strongly written emotional ballad about how even in 2024 people are treated unkindly due to race or social stature. Pauline's co- writer is Ryan Murphey is the son of country legend Michael Martin Murphey with whom Pauline has written songs with as well. Pauline's highly anticipated album "Lucky Number 7" release date is to be announced on her website so stay tuned in and sign up for the mailing list. Two amazing artists releasing a fantastic collaborative project in 2024!

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