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Brandon Rhyder Confirms Performing With Pauline Reese At House Concert For "Lucky Number 7&quo

Brandon Rhyder confirms he will perform acoustically with Pauline Reese to help raise money for her "Lucky Number 7" album and campaign exclusively through INDIEGOGO.

This special house concert can be purchased through the "Lucky Number 7" campaign at INDIEGOGO at the below link. The agrrement is a mutually agreed date with the buyer of the House Concert, Brandon Rhyder and Pauline Reese. Sound, lights and Production will be provided. House Councert w/ Brandon Rhyder and Pauline Reese includes: 1.) 2 hour acoustic show 2.) Autographed CD "Lucky Number 7" 3.) Autographed limited edition poster signed by Billy Perkins and Pauline Reese

4.) 2 access passes to "Lucky Number 7" concert taping & VIP Red Carpet Launch Party.

***Live "Lucky Number 7" concert taping and VIP Red Carpet "Lucky Number 7" Launch Party will be located in Austin, Texas @ One World Theater. Show TBA.

Click here to see "Lucky Number 7" campaign from Pauline Reese >>

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