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Right From The Horses Mouth

Pauline Reese Performs For Charity Event And Helps Raise $ 35,000.00.

We are happy to announce that the benefit for the Norton family this past Sunday raised $35,000! Pauline Reese and her band performed at J5 Steakhouse in Spicewood for the event. Members from the surrounding area, churches & Faith Academy School all came together to support the event named "Celebratin' Katlyn". Katlyn is a two-time brain tumor patient.

Pauline says, "Her courage has been an inspiration to her community and friends and I was glad that I was able to use my talents to give back to such a wonderful family".

A special thanks to the committee Mike and Debbi Norton, Committee leaders (Dawn Madigan and Suzanne Brown) as well as J5 steakhouse in all of the other volunteers including waiters and waitresses who donated their time and tips.

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